Horse Shipping


Are you ready to ship your horse?  We are ready to help. will handle all the details of the shipment and guide you through the process.

All Inclusive Rates

How much will it cost? At we know how important it is for you to know the total cost.  No one likes surprises at the end.  We provide clear and simple all-inclusive quotes that reflect the total anticipated costs (CPT) from door to port or door to door.

Air Transportation

Flying your horse is the fastest and most practical way to ship your horse over a long distance. arranges air passage for your horse to many of the world’s major cities.  A professional flight groom accompanies every flight to feed, water, and care for your horse throughout the flight.

Ground Transportation

It is important to know that your horse is in good hands from the start of its journey.  We can provide ground transportation to the export quarantine facility from among our selected group of trusted transporters to assure that your horse arrives safe and sound in a timely and professional manner.

Quarantine Services

In most cases, horses being transported from one country to another require a period of quarantine., through its network of service partners, provides top quality quarantine services throughout the world.

Export and Import Services

Whether you are shipping your horse to another country or having it shipped to you, the process is basically the same. Export and Import go hand in hand. Export services are those provided in the country of departure. Import services are those provided in the country of arrival. provides quality services throughout your shipment.


For those who wish to insure their horse, we arrange export insurance to cover your investment and expenses from departure to arrival.  For horses destined to many countries, we arrange year-long Mortality and Major Medical policies to protect your valuable investment.

Import Documentation

All International shipments require Import Documentation such as Import and Landing permits to be acquired. These document services are often arranged by the owner in the destination country. For those who prefer not to be bothered, will gladly arrange these services.

 Airport Clearance

Upon arrival of your horse at the airport of destination, there are documents to be submitted and fees to be paid before clearing your horse.  For clients who want the ease of not having to deal with these matters, will arrange clearance services.

CompleteCare™ Service

All of our clients receive CompleteCare™ Service. will manage the entire process.  We handle all inquiries and details pertaining to your equine purchase and shipment.  We receive communications from Sellers, Agents, Haulers, Veterinarians, Freight Forwarders and Airline Carriers on your behalf so that you don’ have to.

OneWire™ Payment wants to make it easy for you.  When purchasing and shipping a horse, there are many services to be rendered, often by different service providers.  This usually involves multiple payments.  With our OneWire™ Payment, all your services are listed on one invoice, allowing you the ease and convenience of making one wire transfer to cover all costs.

Registration Documentation

If your horse is registered, you will likely be required to have registration documentation transferred from the registering authority in the country of departure to the registering authority in the country of destination.  This process is normally performed by the owner or seller or agent. can also provide these services.